Melanie has edited two of my books, and I plan on having her edit others in the future. I love working with her because she is so good at understanding my vision for the story, sometimes understanding it better than I do. She is nonjudgmental and encouraging, but still gently pushes me to make changes that improve the story. She also has a great sense of humor which makes the editing process an enjoyable experience. I look forward to working with Melanie in the future, and I highly recommend her services.”
Lou Mindar, Author of Tierra del Fuego, Forthcoming 2015

“Offering encouragement is not enough to bring a book to market. But, if combined with insightful comments, it’s the winning combination that an editor must possess. This is what makes Melanie Neale an indispensable addition to your writing team. She is totally immersed in your work and sees through your eyes. But then, she performs the miracle of shaping it into the book you always imagined.”
Cecilia Fernandez, author of Leaving Little Havana, winner of Latino Book Awards 2015

“Melanie has provided invaluable input for all our memoirs. She zeros in on the essence of each narrative moment and reveals the emotional significance of every scene so readers can feel the magnitude/power of the memoirist’s story. With fiction, she has an incredible ability to condense plot and layer issues so every chapter works double, if not triple, duty.”
Matt Peters, Publisher, Beating Windward Press

“Patience. Sense of humor. Sound judgement. Careful attention to detail. Those are all qualities that made Melanie Neale a huge asset for my writing career. What a constructive experience working with this perspicacious writing consultant! While respecting my ownership of the story, Melanie never ceased to push me forward; throughout the process, I felt safe and supported in my long-term goals. Melanie works with the sensibility of a writer, but the no-nonsense of an editor.”
M.J. Fievre, Author of A Sky The Color of Chaos, Forthcoming 2015